Zotero 3.0 – exciting new features

Last week saw the launch of Zotero 3.0.  Zotero is currently my personal reference manager of choice and I was quite excited to see a couple of the new features of Zotero 3.0 (and to see them working!).

The major new feature to come with Zotero 3.0 is the introduction of Zotero Standalone with connectors to Google Chrome and Safari as well as Firefox.  Previously,  Zotero was only available as an extension for the Firefox web browser, viewed in a separate pane within Firefox.  Zotero Standalone is a desktop version of Zotero with references captured from web pages via a web browser connector.

From the point of view of using Zotero, Zotero Standalone works in exactly the same way as the Firefox extension version except that it is in a separate window rather than a pane within Firefox and you have a choice of three web browsers.  I’ve already found it useful to be able to choose whether I want to look at Zotero at the same time as a webpage (via the Zotero Firefox extension) or in full screen (via Zotero Standalone) depending on what I’m doing.

The other new feature in Zotero 3.0 which I was very pleased to see (so pleased a little celebratory dance was required!) was duplicate detection.  Zotero is now able to recognise where two references in my library are the same thing and then merge them – though don’t worry it won’t merge records unless you ask it too.  I haven’t tested it extensively yet, but it seems to work very well.


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