Thing 15: Librarianly events

This post was written for 23 Things for Professional Development, Thing 15: Attending, presenting at and organising seminars, conferences and other events.

Attending events is something I haven’t done a huge amount of, but I’m hoping to do quite a bit more of now I’m studying in London where so much seems to be happening.  This week I’ll be going to two events, one of which is all about attending the IFLA World Library and Information Congress.  Writing this post has also reminded me I was going to join the Cambridge Library Group as I now live near Cambridge and they seem to have some interesting events.  So far I’ve only been to events which have been free for me to attend (apart from travel costs), but I’m sure I will come across something soon that I really want to attend that isn’t free.

With the limited number of events I’ve attended so far, I wouldn’t feel confident enough quite yet to speak at an event, except perhaps an unconference.  Generally I’m someone who quite enjoys giving presentations and speaking in front of people as long I know what’s expected of me and think that the people I’m talking to will find what I’m saying interesting.  One problem I need to overcome is my recurring concern that as I’m new to the profession no one will be interested in what I’ve got to say – which really hasn’t been my experience during informal conversations with more experienced professionals.

As for organising something, I organised a meet up for cpd23 participants in Oxford a few months ago, but a proper event?  Maybe one day.

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