MmIT Conference 2016 Call for Papers now open!

Digital Citizenship : What is the library’s role?

 A conference which explores and discusses several digital citizenship themes and the role and responsibility of the library and the librarian in supporting citizenry in the digital world.

The annual conference of the Cilip Multimedia, Information and Technology Group (MmIT) is taking place at the Edge Conference Centre at the University of Sheffield on Monday 12th September and Tuesday 13th September 2016.

Photograph of smart phone in use.Press showcase – Team metappolic” by ImagineCup is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

  1. How does your library enable electronic participation in society and provide digital access to information, knowledge and scholarship?
  2. Does your library support users in their understanding of digital trading and e-commerce?
  3. What is your library’s role in digital literacy and in helping users to understand the pedagogy of technology and the use of technology in all aspects of life?
  4. Do you help your users…

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