#CILIPconf18 Keynote – The House of Commons library: our role in supporting a thriving parliamentary democracy

I’m reflecting on the CILIP Conference 2018 I went to last week and looking back over tweets to fill in gaps in the notes I took. I’ve decided to pull together an overview of some of my favourite sessions in the form of a series of tweets from everyone there – with a few comments of my own. I hope this will extend the reach of these sessions beyond those able to attend the conference.

I was really looking forward to the first keynote from Penny Young, the House of Commons Librarian. Before the conference I knew the House of Commons had a library, but knew very little about it. I wasn’t disappointed – Penny’s talk was fascinating.

What is the House of Commons Library?

Just like librarians across a whole range of sectors. Providing / facilitating access to impartial information is one of our key skills.

 A bit of history

That common theme bringing together libraries across time, sectors and geography – growing out of having too much stuff!

More info about Library 200: https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/library-200/

Supporting MPs & advocacy

Note to self: this sounds like some really interesting research that would be useful to follow up if/when I ever get around to that piece of research I want to do on information use with my service users.

 Enquiries and briefings

Browse briefings: https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/category/briefing-paper/

Sign up to receive email alerts when new research published on your topic(s) of interest: https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/subscribe/


What’s next?

What can we do?

An impressive role model

As well as learning a lot about the House of Commons Library, Penny left me feeling inspired and optimistic about our profession. And the House of Commons Library has definitely been added to my list of “Libraries I want to visit”.

Huge thanks to Penny Young and everyone whose tweets made this post possible.

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