My second (professional) new year’s resolution was to start attending and contributing to #UKlibchat – a fortnightly twitter discussion group about library issue.  Last Thursday I attended the first #UKLibChat of the year.  The topic was Libraries and Librarians in 2012.  I particularly enjoyed the first question: “What was your biggest achievement of 2011?”  I think it’s important to focus on what we have already achieved sometimes, rather than always concentrating on what we’ve still got left to do.   I found it interesting to hear views from participants with wide-ranging library backgrounds and think this is a great way to bounce ideas off other people.

Before attending #UKLibChat my first task was to properly set up a twitter account and work out how to use twitter.  Last year I tried to follow the chat on Library School, but as I only got round to signing up for twitter about five minutes before it started, I got rather lost and confused, so didn’t contribute anything.  This time I was more prepared.  I spent some time a couple of days before going through the twitter help centre – wonderful for demystifying twitter terminology – and signed up for HootSuite which I found made it much easier to keep track of the conversation.  Although I am still getting used to twitter, I really enjoyed the experience and I’ll definitely be back for another #UKLibChat.


Welcome to The Library Cauldron

One of my new years resolutions was to remember to contribute to the Oxford libraries graduate trainees’ blog.  When I started brainstorming ideas for blog posts I found that some of the things I was coming up with, although library-related, weren’t really directly related to the trainee programme.  So I decided to start my own blog for such musings and this is the result.

Why ‘The Library Cauldron’? I wanted to make it obvious I would be writing about libraries, so having ‘library’ in the title seemed a good idea.  I went for ‘cauldron’ because I hope to write about lots of different things here and for this blog to be a metaphorical mixing pot of my ideas.

Not being sure where to start with setting up my own blog I did a bit of searching and found a ‘How to: Set up a blog’ guide by Ned Potter on the LIS New Professionals Network and his associated blog post on the wikiman.  I found these extremely helpful in getting me started, so thank you Ned!

Welcome to The Library Cauldron!