First impression of Scopus Article Metrics

  • I was put off by the title on Elsevier’s blog post introducing Scopus article Metrics – To read or not to read? – I don’t think you shouldn’t read an article just because other people haven’t interacted with it in a quantifiable way.  But that’s not how it’s meant – the metrics add to the info you already have from the abstract, date, journal title, etc. to help you decide if the article fits your particular information need.
  • Percentile bar given for various metrics – I like to quick visual aspect of this, but would want to know more about how the numbers are calculated before trusting it.
  • The detailed view splits metrics into Citations, Scholarly activity (Mendeley, CiteULike, etc.), Scholarly commentary (blogs, etc.), Mass media and Social activity (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.).  I find this makes it much easier to get a meaningful impression from the metrics than if they were all lumped together.
  • Tabs in the detailed view provide easy access to links to the posts about the article which underlie the metrics.  Very useful.
  • Overall, a promising development I’m pleased to see in one of the big databases.