Back to school

The past month has seen a fair bit of change in my life.  I’ve finished my traineeship in Oxford, moved to Cambridgeshire and started an MA in Library and Information Studies at UCL.  This post is just a little bit about my induction week at UCL which is just coming to an end.

Last Sunday, having packed a bag with notepaper, pens and my induction week timetable, I definitely had a bit of a back to school feeling.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the surprisingly full induction week timetable.  The week has turned out to be interesting, useful and (mostly) enjoyable – the only session I wish I hadn’t attended was the IT induction covering exactly the same things as a piece of paper we had been given three days before.  Some highlights of the week for me have been: an (actually rather enlightening) session on teamwork; the Jenkinson Lecture about the effect that the Houses of Parliament burning down in 1834 had on British record keeping; hearing about some of the research that is being conducted in the department; and having a chance to meet and find out about other people on my course.

This week has also been a chance to start thinking about extra things I would like to do this year to complement my studies.  I’ve been impressed by the wide range of IT and skills training available to UCL students.  So far I’ve signed up for the European Computer Driving Licence course (and am waiting to hear whether I’ve got a place) and will be setting aside some time next week to consider whether there are any other courses I want to sign up for.  I was tempted by the evening language courses, but have decided to give that a miss at least until next term when I should have more of an idea whether I could realistically find time for it (and also when there is the possibility of the fees for it being a christmas/birthday present).  Of course, there are plenty of opportunities beyond UCL too.  I’ve been discussing with my fellow students what sort of libraries we might like to arrange visits to and I’ve been looking up what library related events are taking place in London and Cambridge that could be interesting – for which the London LIS Community calendar has been pretty useful.